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A drive through the Cazenovia area of central New York is a journey through history. Geologic history of uplift and glaciers provides rolling hills that yield long views, broad glacial valleys and streams flowing north through impressive steep gorges.

A history of agriculture provides a patchwork of open spaces and woodlots that still support those that make a living off the land. Settlement history is reflected in architectural beauty from a wide range of styles both in villages and along the back roads. The landscape gives clues of railroads, mills, and a successful history of the melding of the natural and the human.

The Cazenovia Preservation Foundation offers this historic driving tour as a celebration of this diverse history. While the tour can be completed in less than an hour, we hope that the route will inspire you to linger, or come back. The tour directions assume a start at the Lorenzo State Historic Site, and give mileage and directions to 15 sites along a 37 mile route.

No roadside markers are put at the roadside sites. Download the files below to get the route map and detailed descriptions.

Enjoy your ride of discovery.

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