The Catherine Cummings Theatre

CCTThe Catherine Cummings Theatre is part of the Cazenovia Village Historic District, and is currently used by Cazenovia College and other local groups to host plays and special events. It was originally a church, purchased by the Village in 1854 to hold meetings and other functions. The building burned in 1895, but was rebuilt in 1897. The new structure, aside from hosting performances, was also used to house local records.

Cazenovia College acquired the theatre in 1968, and it has continued to be used as a community space since that time. By the mid-80’s, the building was in need of maintenance. In 1985, the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation donated $7,500 for repairs to the façade, including masonry and roof work.

* Historical information, including dates listed here, was taken from Cazenovia College’s Theatre History page and CPF’s past Upland Journals.

Photo Credit: Cazenovia College website.


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