Historic Preservation

Do you love your home, your barn, the historic character that it provides to our community? Are you interested in making sure that its history is honored well into the future?

There are a variety of ways that you can make sure our local history is retained and celebrated. You can:

  • Conserve the facade of your historic house
  • Conserve the landscape surrounding the historic structure

To find out more, including possible tax benefits, please contact us.

The Historic Building Signage Initiative

The Historic Building Signage Initiative is a program sponsored by the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation. Its objective is the placement of signs on worthy historical buildings in the village and town, listing building construction date and original occupant or architect.

To have your building considered for inclusion in this program, a property owner will need to complete and submit an application to CPF. CPF will then:

  • Work with the homeowner to identify research resources and assist with the required research;
  • Have the historic description and research and architectural integrity reviewed and approved by the village Historic Preservation Committee;
  • Prepare and present a ready-to-install sign with a copy of the research to the owner.

Disclaimer: Please remember that completing the application does not guarantee the home will be approved and not every research effort will be successful.

Criteria for Program

The building must meet certain requirements if it is to be approved for this Historic Building Signage Program. The criteria for consideration are:

  • The building must be within Cazenovia village limits
  • The main historic fabric of the building must be fifty (50) years older than the current date
  • The view from the public right-of-way must retain visual historic integrity
  • Additions and/or changes to the structure must be of compatible design to the historic building as defined by the Secretary of Interior Standards and Guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties

CPF suggests a donation of $50 to defray the costs of research and sign construction.

If you have any questions about the program, send an email to: info@cazpreservation.org

Please mail your completed application and donation to:
Cazenovia Preservation Foundation P.O Box 627, Cazenovia, NY 13035

Download Application Form

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