Forever Farmland – Critz Farms

small_soilCritz Farms on Rippleton Road is a well-known local source of Christmas trees, cider, and family fun. What many people may not know about this familiar farmstead is that it is counted among the 11 farms and over 1900 agricultural acres that CPF has helped to protect near Cazenovia. In 2009, CPF aided owners Matthew and Juanita Critz in the sale of their development rights to the State of New York through the State Farmland Protection Program. This means that the property can never be subdivided for housing, but the farmers retain all other property rights. The agricultural easement  CPF holds on the property guarantees that its valuable soils are protected for future generations of farmers, safeguarding a piece of Madison County’s rich agricultural history.

Each year, CPF Conservation Manager Judy Gianforte tours all of the easement properties in the area to inspect the land and operations, and to gauge whether usage remains in line with easement restrictions.

If you would like to learn more about CPF’s farmland protection, or are interested in protecting your land, click here.


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