Plans & Policies

CPF’s operations are guided by our mission statement and by the organization’s Bylaws which were initially adopted in March, 1986 and amended in April, 1995. CPF has adopted the 2004 Land Trust Standards and Practices developed by the Land Trust Alliance and is using these ethical and technical guidelines to strengthen its organization and work. The following plans and policies have been developed or are being formulated to guide present and future decisions of the organization and as part of the process of working toward accreditation of CPF as a land trust. For more information on any of these documents, contact

  • Bylaws (1995) (Updated 2011, 2020)
  • Strategic Organizational Plan (2003) (Updated 2013, 2019)
  • Foundation Investment Policy (2004)
  • Conflict of Interest Policy (2007) (Updated 2011)
  • Record Keeping Policy (2010)
  • Gas and Mineral Leasing on CPF-Protected Lands (2010)
  • Easement Amendment Policy ( 2011)
  • Strategic Land Conservation Plan (2012)
  • Easement Violations Policy (2012)

Now being prepared:

  • Land Protection Policy

Our Trails

We maintain 6 easily hikable trails in and around Cazenovia. They traverse some of the most beautiful outdoors in upstate New York. We encourage you to head out and give them a try!

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Our Work

Our mission is to protect historic, agricultural and natural resources in and around Cazenovia for the benefit of the community. Find out how we can help preserve your piece of Caz forever.

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