Our Board of Directors

CPF Board directors are volunteers from the Cazenovia community who give their time and expertise to further the mission of CPF. A maximum of 15 Directors serve at a time, with elections for new Directors held at the annual meeting each May. Directors serve three year terms, with a limit of two terms but may serve additional terms commencing at least one year after termination of the second consecutive term.


Carlos Gavilondo

Vice President
Jim Steinberg

John Bowser

Executive Secretary
Nicki Donlin

At-Large Directors
Craig Buckhout
Cynthia Curtin
Anne Saltman
Sam Shotzberger
Carl Stearns
Jim Tobey
Thad Yorks

CPF Staff
Judy Gianforte, Conservation Manager
Jess Trefz, Administrative Assistant

Our Trails

We maintain 6 easily hikable trails in and around Cazenovia. They traverse some of the most beautiful outdoors in upstate New York. We encourage you to head out and give them a try!

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Our Work

Our mission is to protect historic, agricultural and natural resources in and around Cazenovia for the benefit of the community. Find out how we can help preserve your piece of Caz forever.

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Support Us

Find out how you can make a donation and become a member today!

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