49 Years of Community Stewardship

Cazenovia Preservation Foundation is an unusual organization because it works in the fields of both historic preservation and land conservation. In the 1980s, farsighted members realized that preserving buildings in the Village would not mean much if the surrounding countryside and farms were degraded by development.

For 48 years, CPF, area residents and local governments have worked together to maintain the rural character and architectural integrity of our Village and Town. Some notable accomplishments:

  • Repaired the stone bridge on the Gorge Trail.
  • Initiated the restoration of the iconic Lincklaen House sign.
  • Took an active role in community discussions and planning of Route 20 development.
  • Offered many free educational events to the community, including: our Walks ‘N Talks Series and the Discovery of Place children’s history program. .
  • Initiated the application process for national accreditation with the Land Trust Alliance.
  • Rebuilt the rail trestle bridge on the South Trail.
  • Worked with the Cazenovia Rotary to double the size of the Pollinator Garden.
  • Hosted the 1st annual Turkey Trot on the Gorge Trail Thanksgiving day.
  • Sponsored many educational events including the Discovery of Place history program for local 4th graders, Dare to Care photo project with CazRec, and Tree Care with the Pros alongside Bartlett Tree Experts.
  • Started 2 year project in the Willow Patch and Carpenter’s Pond supported by the Central New York Community Foundation.  2014 work included a boardwalk, opening of the coal chute and apollinator garden off Willow Place
  • Initiated a Historic House Signage Program
  • Prepared new trail maps for CPF Fairchild Hill, Burlingame, Gorge and South trails
  • Held first Walk Among the Spirits in Evergreen Cemetery
  • Bridge along Sherman’s Gulch trail rebuilt by Ben Sparks as his Eagle Scout project
  • Brought noted community planner Randall Arendt to Cazenovia for a workshop with over a dozen municipal officials on planning for development and the Village Edge South area
  • Added to the trail network and installed a 9 foot tall willow basket sculpture in the Willow Patch
  • Accepted a protective easement on the exterior architecture and open space of the Hillcrest House on the Jephson Estate
  • Ensured that 570 more acres of farmland will remain agricultural use
  • opened 1/2 mile of Chittenango Creek banks for public fishing
  • Completed Management Plans for 3 CPF-owned properties
  • Planted trees for screening at Fenner Rd. athletic field
  • Completed a Strategic Land Conservation Plan
  • Developed a planned giving program
  • Extended the trail in the Willow Patch
  • Recorded over 5000 trail users signed in at CPF kiosks, for 66% growth in just two years!
  • Adopted an Amendments Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Placed 4 benches, information signage and a fence at Carpenter’s Pond
  • Sponsored a Cazenovia student to attend a DEC summer camp
  • Repaired major streambank collapses on both the Gorge Trail and the South Trail
  • Collected 4057 sign-ins at its Gorge, Burlingame and Fairchild Hill trails, a 26% increase over 2010
  • Started work toward national accreditation
  • Accepted an easement on 155 acres of farmland and woodland
  • Finalized the purchase of development rights by the State on the 272 acre Greyrock Farm
  • Updated the CPF website  (www.www.cazpreservation.org)
  • Completed the preliminary layout of a trail in the Gillette Lane parcel
  • Established a parking area for Fairchild Hill trail with the generous support of the Trush Family
  • Worked with the NYS Canal Corporation and the Village of Cazenovia to re-establish the integrity of the dike and water outlet at Carpenter’s Pond
  • Added historic interpretive signage to the Gorge Trail
  • Led 4th grade students on Gorge Trail walks as part of their New York State history unit
  • Received title to a 15 acre wetland from Ernie and Marilyn Koglmeier
  • Installed living willow sculpture garden at Willow Patch
  • Finalized the purchase of development rights by the State on the 243 acre Critz Farm
  • Completed the restoration of a severely eroded streambank along South Trail.   Project partners included Madison County, NYS DEC, and Snow Valley Riders Snowmobile Club
  • Teamed with the League of Women Voters to sponsor a community speaker on gas well hydrofracking
  • Assisted two farms with successful applicatons for  NYS Farmland Protection Grants
  • Hosted a successful fundraising event, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
  • Sold the 108-acre Route 20 East property with conservation easements to Cazenovia Restoration Foundation
  • Initiated an educational series of summer Walks ‘N Talks  on the flora, fauna, and farms around Cazenovia
  • Hosted first annual Christmas tree give-away to CPF members from its property on Burlingame Road
  • Worked with an Eagle Scout on his project to design a fence and gate for CPF’s Willow Place property and make Carpenter’s Pond trail improvements
  • Provided financial assistance to restore the windows  and other exterior improvements at the Lehigh Valley Railroad Depot
  • Secured a trail easement from a CPF member to provide parking and access to CPF-maintained trails off Burlingame Road
  • Worked with interns from the Upstate Institute Field School at Colgate University and the Environmental Studies Program at Cazenovia College on easement documentation and mapping of trails and invasive species
  • Hired part-time professional Environmental Project Manager to manage the stewardship of CPF properties and easements, as well as develop outreach programs
  • Helped fund a preliminary structural condition review of historic Carpenter’s Barn
  • Received easements on two Sullivan Street properties
  • Accepted easement on 217 acres of farmland on two sides of Lane Road
  • Established the Easement Protection Fund with gifts from three CPF members
  • Agreed to participate with the Town of Cazenovia in the NYS Farmland Purchase of Development Rights initiative by helping to prepare applications for three Cazenovia farms, and to accept the easements on the farms that received grants
  • Worked with an Eagle Scout on his project to design and develop Kassy’s Piece Trail near Sherman’s Gulch
  • Created the Farmland Preservation/Conservation Easement Fund as a tribute to the late Faith Knapp, from proceeds of a dinner dance hosted & underwritten by two members

  • Endorsed the draft Historic Preservation Ordinance presented to the Village
  • Accepted “challenge grant” for a 3:1 community “match” by raising $90,000


  • Received 115 acres of wooded land for trail and conservation purposes on Burlingame Road, which connects the Auchincloss gift, Sherman’s Gulch, and Fairchild Hill
  • Sponsored Boy Scout’s grant application to CNY Community Foundation for renovation work at the Loyster Lodge
  • Created a trail map to strengthen awareness of and access to CPF’s extensive trail system


  • CAPP is completed by planner and accepted by the Town and Village Boards. Town recommendations centered on the lake. Village wins $500,000 in NYS grants.
  • Awarded two grants for environmental enhancement and stabilization in the Willow  Patch.


  • Accepted gift of 11-acre wetland on Gillette Lane for conservation program


  • Bought 108 acres, a part of the Greenbelt, on Route 20 East from Dr. Ambrose to prevent “big box” commercial use
  • Gorge Trail joins the Link Trail becoming part of a national network of trails

  • Co-sponsored Cazenovia Area Planning Project (CAPP). A 34-member task force working with the municipal planner included 10 community organizations, the Village and Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
  • Began assisted financing program for historic restoration of private properties in Cazenovia, New Woodstock, Nelson, Erieville, or Fenner
  • Purchased lot on Willow Place to protect Carpenter’s Pond and neighborhood


  • Received conservation easement on 90 acres on both sides of Cobb Hill Road
  • Purchased abandoned  railroad right-of-way from Ballina Road to New Woodstock for trails


  • Received two property gifts: 40 acres off Burlingame Rd. and 41 acres off Rippleton Rd


  • Received  Lorenzo Farms lot (7 acres) as an asset property for resale


  • Received gift of Sherman’s Gulch (48 acres off Burlingame Road) to extend trails
  • Donated $10,000 to the Village’s Albany Street beautification project
  • Saved historic Gate House on dike near Carpenter’s Pond
  • Acquired an architectural easement on 9 Albany Street


  • Received $25,000 grant from the Kaplan Fund’s Rural New York Program for alternative land planning for parcels of 50 or more acres. Matched by the Mather Fund and members

  • Received gift of Carpenter’s Pond
  • Adopted The Land Use Guide for the Town of Cazenovia, as did the Town and Village
  • Worked to  protect through easements and careful subdivision  the environmentally sensitive Rose Farm (670 acres) in New Woodstock


  • Purchased, added protective covenants, and resold the 92-acre Meadows Farm on Rippleton Road
  • Received the Willow Patch, five acres in the middle of the village, as a gift


  • Purchased 25 acres at south end of lake (now called Fairchild Hill) to be kept forever wild and be part of Greenbelt and CPF trail system
  • Helped pay for restoration work on Lakeland Park wall and iron fence
  • Gave $7,500 to Caz College for exterior restoration of the Theater
  • Purchased 2.5 miles of abandoned railroad bed and opened it as  the Gorge Trail
  • Began a conservation easement program and a trail program
  • Acquired an architectural easement on the Lincklaen House


  • Applied for the Village Historic District to be on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Sold Lehigh Valley railroad depot with architectural easements


  • Donated $500 to New Woodstock Historical Society to expand building


  • Worked with groups studying ways to protect the rural character of the community


  • Participated in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Rural Resources pilot project and hosted seminar for homeowners in the historic district


  • Published Cazenovia, The Story of an Upland Community

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